UI & UX Work

I've been lucky enough to have partnered with some very talented UI/UX Designers, Working across large scale design system rollout, app design and user journeys as well as new feature prototyping and research. I've helped build component libraries that span Brand, product and web as well as scoped the onboarding strategy for these systems across multiple teams and services.


- Current state UI Audits
- Research driven goal setting
- Brand Experience review
- Ideation & Wireframing
- Digital Strategy
- Project Scoping
- Stakeholder management


- Brand Storytelling and experience
- Scaleable Figma assets
- Design system structure
- Engineering engagement
- Component planning and rollout
- Documentation
- Digital styleguides
- Storybook & Figma assets library


- Post launch testing
- Research driven A/B Testing
- AA & AAA compliance
- Best practice research
- Customer interviews
- Retrospectives

UI/UX Achievements

Through A/B Testing and experimentation managed to increase the conversion rate of our Sign-up page by 10%, significantly increasing the acquisition rate of the website through a high traffic page.

Significantly reduced the time to build for two teams through standardising our component library, refining a minimum handover process and driving parity between product design and engineering through a unified Figma and Storybook library.

Created a Design system that spanned product, website and branding in order too drive a more unified customer experience through all of our customer touch-points.

Reduced friction in highly complex user flow in order to reduce the drop off rate of customers from quote through to purchase both on web and in product.

Scoped out the buisness case for a design system in a large corporate enviroment, managing internal and external stakeholders and creating buy-in from multiple teams and SLT.


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